Release Notes

Version 3.12.1 (Mac) - 22.3.2019

Version 3.12 - 1.11.2018

Version 3.11 - 16.10.2018

Version 3.10.3 - 27.11.2017

Version 3.10.2 - 12.10.2017

The bad news: The previous version of PocketCAS had a few crashing bugs.
The good news: Our new crash-reporting system helped us find them more easily.
The better news: This update fixes them!

Version 3.10.1 - 30.9.2017

Remember that issue we mentioned in yesterday's Release notes for PocketCAS 3.10 where tapping a keyboard button would open a new, blank editor? Guess what — we were able to reproduce and finally fix it :-)

Version 3.10 - 29.9.2017

Version 3.9.1 - 16.1.2017

This version fixes a rare crash (mostly happening on macOS) when manipulating plots introduced in version 3.9.

Version 3.9 - 13.1.2017

This update switches PocketCAS to a different C++ library. This should have very little impact on you, except for improved performance in some cases :-)
However, in case you notice anything weird, please let us know via our support form.

In addition, this version contains:

Version 3.8.5 - 2.1.2017

This update fixes a crash under iOS 8 and earlier.

Version 3.8.3 - 14.11.2016

Version 3.8.2 - 27.7.2016

In this update, we have renamed the "Time Graphing" feature to "Animated Graphs" in order to avoid a possible copyright dispute. We also changed the name of the animated variable from "T" to "anim". However, we also took the opportunity to add a new feature: You can now customize the name of the animated variable yourself – this should help with maintaining compatibility with your existing documents.

In addition, this update fixes a few bugs:

Version 3.8.1 - 11.4.2016

We have a few bug fixes for version 3.8 in this update:

Version 3.8 - 5.4.2016

This is one of the largest updates to PocketCAS to date, with more than 300 changes to the codebase. We hope you enjoy it!

Version 3.7.5/3.7.6 (iOS) - 1.11.2015

Version 3.7.4 (iOS) - 15.10.2015

Version 3.7/3.7.1 - 12.10.2015

This update improves support for iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. It includes support for App Transport Security as well as using the new San Francisco font everywhere. Plus, the following things have been improved:

Version 3.6.11/13 - 9/23.7.2015

This version is another minor release. But we have great plans for the next major update! For example, we're thinking of the following new features:

But we're also really interested in how we can make PocketCAS better for YOU! If you want to let us know, please fill out our short survey at http://pocketcas.com/feedback. Your feedback helps us a lot!

For now, this version contains:

Version 3.6.5 - 9.6.2015

For now, this version contains:

Plus several minor improvements that didn't make it into this list ;-)

Version 3.6.4 - 18.1.2015

This version fixes some more crashing bugs. Please apologize these updates - there are some changes in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite that had more consequences than expected.

Version 3.6.1 - 4.12.2014

Version 3.6 (iOS) - 22.10.2014

This version of PocketCAS improves support for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. There have been a lot of minor improvements that make the app easier to use on larger-screen phones:

Version 3.6 (Mac) - 15.10.2014

This version of PocketCAS improves compatibility with OS X Yosemite. In particular, 3D graphs should work properly on Retina displays and the editor toolbar has also been improved. A bug regarding to translations not working properly has also been fixed. If you encounter any remaining compatibility issues, please let me know!

Version 3.5.3 - 6.10.2014

Please apologize the late fix for the crashes in the last version. One more update (featuring an improved text editor, iPhone 6 support, and some smaller improvements) will be released as soon as Apple approves it.

Please note that this is the last version of PocketCAS that supports iOS 5 and 6. I'd love to keep supporting older iOS versions, but some features (e.g. a somewhat improved text editor) are impossible without iOS 7.

Version 3.5.2 - 3.10.2014

Unfortunately, this version still crashes when trying to open the application settings or the matrix editor. The issue appeared to be fixed on my devices, but seems to still be present in the App Store build. I am very sorry about these problems and will do all I can to provide another update as soon as possible. Until then, you can access the PocketCAS settings from Settings.app as well. Matrices can also be created manually via e.g. [[1,2],[3,4]] (see the Linear Algebra tutorial for more examples).

Version 3.5.1 - 17.9.2014

Version 3.5 - 2.9.2014

Please note that upcoming versions of PocketCAS will require iOS 7 or later. I'd love to keep supporting iOS 6 and below, but some features (e.g. a somewhat improved text editor) are impossible without iOS 7. PocketCAS 3.5 still supports iOS 5.1, though :-)

Version 3.4.4 - 31.10.2013



Version 3.4.2 - 7.10.2013

Version 3.4.1 - 25.9.2013

Version 3.4 - 16.9.2013

Version 3.3 - 24.6.2013

Version 3.2 - 17.5.2013

Version 3.1.1 - 2.10.2012

Version 3.1 - 25.9.2012

Version 3.0.3 - 5.6.2012

Version 3.0.2 - 25.5.2012

Version 3.0 - 26.4.2012, paid upgrade

Version 2.9.2 - 26.4.2012

Version 2.9.1 - 29.9.2011

Version 2.9 - 28.4.2011

Version 2.8 - 25.11.2010

Version 2.6.2 - 4.8.2010

Version 2.6.1 - 9.7.2010

Version 2.6 - 18.6.2010

Version 2.5 - 14.4.2010

Version 2.2 - 24.3.2010

Version 2.1 - 12.2.2010

Version 2.0 - 19.1.2010

Version 1.2.0 - 1.12.2009

Version 1.1.0 - 21.10.2009